Eric Clapton calls COVID-19 vaccine requirements discrimination


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Eric Clapton

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In what we can only assume is a concerted effort to have “COVID-19 vaccine crank” creep steadily upward in his Wikipedia intro paragraph—one day potentially eclipsing “celebrated blues guitarist,” and “the music world’s equivalent of Andrew Lincoln’s character from Love Actually” in his list of accomplishments—Eric Clapton has once again decided to let the world know what he thinks about vaccination requirements. Specifically, Clapton has responded to possible new mandates (allegedly going into effect in September) requiring audiences at shows in the U.K. to show proof of vaccination, declaring that it won’t be happening at any Eric Clapton shows, because he “will not perform on any stage where there is a discriminated audience present. Unless there is provision made for all people to attend, I reserve the right to cancel the show.”

And while we’re always happy to hear Eric Clapton give a stance on “discrimination” that isn’t him literally telling immigrants to leave the country while mumbling racial slurs, it’s still a very familiar tune he’s playing here. We reported last month on several comments Clapton had made spreading disinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines, and even being so kind as to lay out his own radicalization on the topic. (You will be shocked to learn that extensive consumption of YouTube videos was involved.) Clapton notably also talked up his transition to social media service Telegram, a favorite for people who would like to say things without worrying that someone will label them as, say, dangerous disinformation that might get people killed. Not coincidentally, Clapton released his latest statement through the service—specifically through a letter sent to and then posted by anti-lockdown activist Robin Monotti Graziadei. “I feel honour bound to make an announcement of my own,” Clapton said of the proposed measures, and, seriously: Can someone get Eric Clapton’s honour a day off? It’s not doing him, or his remaining fanbase, any favors.

[via Consequence]

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